The Bucket List

  1. Knit an Orenburg lace "wedding ring" shawl
  2. Go whitewater rafting
  3. Drive a Corvette
  4. Go to Ireland
  5. Attend the complete parish cantor course in Pittsburgh
  6. Eat dinner at Julio's in Clarksburg
  7. Win a blue ribbon at the State Fair
  8. Go to Speed Week at Indy
  9. Learn ballroom dancing
  10. Go to a fancy formal event, NOT alone
  11. Kiss the Bricks
  12. Visit the following cities:  Philadelphia (run the Rocky Steps, lol), New York City (Mood, RCMH, Macy's), Charleston SC (antebellum homes), New Orleans (beignets and chicory coffee in the French Quarter), Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Louisville KY (Churchill Downs and the Derby), West Point NY, Baltimore