Friday, May 13, 2011

I Crashed Blogger!

Not really, but it did get you to click through, didn't it?  ;)

I don't know what happened, except that the crash lasted a bit more than a day and a tendency to post last thing before I go to bed may be the reason that (I think) I didn't lose anything.

I've had a RIDICULOUS week.  I was going to work in the garden/yard this weekend, but we had a torrential downpour this afternoon (so bad that I had to give two clients towels to dry off so they could try on their clothes), so the garden is a sea of mud right now (at least it's tilled and ready, yay!).

And the photo?  That's a mouse, in an Altoids Minis tin.  Isn't it cute?


  1. HAHAHA! I was totally like... 'What? No way!"

  2. Yes, the mouse is cute. BUT why is it in an Altoids tin?
    And I thought it was me that crashed Blogger with my latest Stupid Monkey Award. LOL

  3. The mouse is in an Altoids tin because it would fit. It looked lost in the coleslaw container it was originally in. The kids found it and rescued it from Eli, and were playing with it. I think it is the smallest mouse I've ever seen (that wasn't obviously a baby mouse).

  4. Cute mouse! Good thing it wasn't in my house though - I have a firm rule that spiders/bugs/rodents in my house must die. If they're outside, they're cool. Inside = death.

    I heard my garden is sprouting - it's at a friend's house due to lack of space/water at this house. I need to get down there tomorrow and check on it now that we've had some rain.


  5. LOL, Amy - we have no mice in the house due to the snakes living in the foundation (harmless garter snakes). Never a dull moment here, really!