Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Education Update

At her last 4H meeting, Velvet gave her oral/visual presentation.  She chose to talk about her cat project, since she did horses last year (she's taking horse again this year, but wanted to not bore people, lol).  She did very well!
She did all the research and prep work by herself, and I think I may have heard her in her room practicing her talk the afternoon before the meeting.

She discussed different cat breeds and how they differ from each other.  She printed the photos off the internet by herself, with only a little verbal guidance from Birdman.

Lightning McQueen was her assistant, helping to hold the presentation board up so her fellow 4H-ers could see it well.  They made a pretty good team.  He has to do his presentation at his next meeting; he's going to take Oregano and Barbecue and talk about raising peeps.

Great job, Velvet!


  1. Great job! My girls tried 4-H for a year but didn't get into it. It was a hard time for us when their dad and I weren't getting along so well, so it was hard for us to work together for it. Plus there were some expenses that neither one of us were able to handle. I think that now that the girls are older, they'd be more likely to succeed in it if they want to do it again.

    Right now I'm just thankful that basketball is over! ;)

  2. Oy, I hear you about basketball.....before we started homeschooling the boys played basketball and Velvet was a cheerleader. I had ZERO free Saturdays from October to February, and was very thankful when the season ended!

  3. Way to go, Velvet! ;o) I like the, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty"...cute!