Friday, May 20, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough.....

The tough put on the tiara!

From time to time I find myself stuck on a project for one reason or another.  Sometimes it's because the client has asked for something they think is easy-peasy, but due to poor garment construction, cheap materials, or their not realizing how time-consuming their request is, (or lots of other reasons) - I get the feeling that maybe it would be easier and better for all concerned if I just went and got a job at the local call center.

That's when I get out the tiara, pop it on my head, and proceed to lay waste to whatever has been the cause of my stress!

After all, nothing would dare cross a woman wearing a crown.

Anyone else have a tiara (real or imagined)?  How do you manage those moments at work or home when it seems that nothing is lining up the way it ought to?


  1. I have a magic wand. *POOF* work is done! *POOF* problem solved! *POOF* turned the pest into a frog! Everyone should have a magic wand.

  2. I have my wedding tiara, but I don't wear it. Maybe I should! I like this idea!

  3. my total ungirliness (hey, the world is going to end today, so I can make up my own words!) I usually slap a bandana on my head and go to it. I used to joke that when I was wearing my purple bandana, I had super-powers. It was my official housecleaning uniform.

    Speaking of which, I really need to find that thing. This house is looking awfully ghettoish today.