Monday, May 9, 2011

Work, Work, Work.

I did two bridesmaid dresses and two prom gowns today, in addition to fitting two brides (and four other clients picked up their projects). I'm TIRED.  In addition to all that work for pay, I also wrangled schoolwork, supervised lunch and dinner, took Birdman and his friend to CAP drill, went to the store, the bank, the post office (mailed a complimentary copy of my Centennial Sock pattern along with suitable yarn to someone in my Twitterverse who needed door prizes at his work), the boutique downtown where I picked up several emergency projects, and have started bread for tomorrow.  I still have to do invoices for the stuff I finished today, bake the bread and get it out of the oven, carry tomorrow's work upstairs AND knit at least 5 more rounds on The Sock.

I decided I'm going to put together a whole package of stuff to go with the bartered socks.  I have to say that I haven't had this much fun knitting something in a long time.

Tomorrow's duties include:  minimum of three Prom gowns, at least one of the projects from the boutique, and start on a total-bodice-remake wedding gown project.  I also need to do a text-fest to people who haven't responded to my last round of "your stuff is ready" text messages.

At some point before the end of the month I'd like to get a pedicure.  I have garpy winter feet.  I don't think there is too much chance of that happening, though - no time to go when the place is open!

Would appreciate your prayers on my behalf tomorrow.

Oh, and my Mother's Day was pretty good! Kids cooked and I got to knit and sit in the sun.  Can't beat that with a stick, can you?


  1. And again.......such similarities! I feel like I never get to stop!

    Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way!

  2. Notice I said nothing about yard work in that post, I can get Birdman to do the mowing, but our weedeater is cranky and I'm the only one who can manage it (and about a third of the yard has to be whacked instead of mowed b/c of the hilliness of it all). So I have income, but no 'curb appeal'. Sigh.

  3. Prayers for a peaceful & productive day! Hope to be over to till later this week.

  4. Thanks! I'll try to have the boys get the weeds pulled up in the next day or so. I have lettuce and swiss chard I'd like to start.