Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We were having a quiet family evening a couple of days ago when I heard something fall.  Velvet got up to see what it was, and this is what we found - chickens in the icon corner!

So they moved outside night before last.  No more house chickens.

They're doing well, and can even be loose in the yard if someone is out there to watch them; we have a picket fence and they are still small enough to go under the fence or through the pickets.  Crockpot and Drumstick ignore them for the most part, only chasing after them when they thing Oregano and Barbecue are about to get into their territory.

It might rain tonight, so we fixed the makeshift plastic sheeting roof over the dog crate, and I added an old blanket I got out of someone's trash ('tis the season for curbside shopping, I got a $40 bath mat, a cooler and the blanket) over one side to break any chilly wind.
Eli the dog.
Glad I'm growing kids and chickens, and not grass.
The kids called me outside last night to see the sunset:

Work continues on The Socks, and on the astonishing amount of prom and wedding gowns in the studio.  I've sent lots of stuff out, but you can't tell any difference (except maybe that there are more wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and less prom gowns)!


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I love the names of the chickens! LOL Can't wait to read more!

  2. Thanks Amy! We gave them 'food' names because when they are not laying any more we will eat them, and it is a lot easier to sit down to a bowl of Crockpot stew than it is to take a bite of "Henrietta the Hen". Helps the kids remember that, while we do treat them as pets, they are livestock and not companion animals.

  3. I bet those hens were going for the beautiful pysanky eggs in your icon corner...wondering how they could lay something like THAT!
    Curbside shopping sounds like another name for dumpster diving...you can find amazing "deals" when the students leave!
    Lovely sunset!

  4. Agree on the deals to be found in college students' trash! My new neighbor got the other bath mat, a lamp, a shopping basket-type caddy, and several other things. There was a box fan up the street a couple of houses but by the time I remembered to go get it, someone else had beaten me to it.