Monday, May 2, 2011

What a Day it's Been

I got a LOT done at work today, in a relatively short amount of time!  Yay me!  I was also able to bake bread, work on the commissioned pair of Centennial socks I'm knitting (I dyed the yarn myself over the weekend) and got over halfway down the leg of sock #1, AND do a bit of straightening up (but not too much, lol).
I found this photo on my computer today; I'd forgotten about this project.  Each year the contestants in the Miss West Virginia (America) pageant take a quilt square to Orientation weekend.  The square has to reflect the young woman, the county or area of the state she represents, and her platform.  My client was Miss Tucker County, home of Dolly Sods recreation area, and her platform was Healthy Heart Living.  So I did a square that showed the mountains of Tucker County, the windwept trees at Dolly Sods, and a hiker (because walking is good for your heart).  I don't think it turned out half bad, and she LOVED it.

I put the "Devon" socks aside until I finish the Centennials, because I have to deliver the latter in Indianapolis at the end of the month and I need to have them done and blocked before we leave.  I am hoping to have time to knit another pair of them to have with me (just in case someone wants a pair already knit, you know).

I'm also working on a companion pattern to Centennial, a pair of baby socks.  When I get that done I will make a page for patterns and post it here, for free!


  1. What a cute quilt square! Looove the Dolly Sods Wilderness!! It is a nice spot for picking wild blueberries...just watch out for copperheads!

  2. I actually have a whole bunch of photos on my camera to upload, but haven't had time, so I decided to dig around in old folders on my computer and see what I could find to write about. The squares are made into a quilt which is auctioned off to raise scholarship funds for the pageant winners.