Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pity Party

Bleah.  I am so tired, plus I have my annual spring allergy flare-up, I need CHOCOLATE.  I have one more prom gown to do and I think that will be it, and I can concentrate on weddings. Lately I've had a rush of kids who are graduating from college (in THREE DAYS) calling in a panic, needing emergency tailoring. (I will refrain from commenting on this).

Work continues on The Socks.  The promotional copy of the pattern, along with some lovely yarn, arrived at its Indiana destination today.  I am hoping that my sample socks get back here before we leave to go to Indianapolis, because I want to show them to a few people.

The Bath Fitter folks are coming next week to do the tub-to-shower conversion in my first floor bathroom.  No more battles with mold and mildew, and they say they will even fix my slow drain too!

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  1. I am so with you - there is not enough chocolate and caffeine in the world to get me through this day. I have to just keep running - including leaving here shortly to get my oldest from school to take her to an emergency dentist appointment because she fell at school yesterday and split a tooth in half. Ugh. It never stops.

    I have so much sewing I need to get done too....

    Have a good day!