Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TFT - Silence is Golden!

Yesterday was our first try at a day without much of the technology we tend to take for granted - cable television, radio, internet and phone.  We managed to go the whole day without turning on the tv........well, MOST of us did.  I caught Lightning McQueen up in my room watching television TWICE.  The first time he was caught in the act; the second time I could hear it from downstairs and when he came down I called him out.

He looked at me with an expression on his face that said "television?  what is a television?  why would you think I would be watching television, when I do not know that word? no habla Ingles!"

Needless to say I gave him the 'mom look' and he slunk off to the kitchen to dawdle yet more over the dishes.

Birdman, Velvet and I got out our old tent and pitched it in the neighbor's yard.  We have a LOVELY new tent but it has already had to have one of the poles repaired after it split in a sudden gust of wind at the monastery in Uniontown last year.  We tend to camp in non-campground places with no trees to speak of, so I decided to get out the old one which isn't quite so tall (and also has more poles, safety in numbers and all that) to see if it is still serviceable.  And hoping it rains so I can see if it leaks.  It's actually a nice tent, being a large dome with two smaller domes that zip to either side to form 3 rooms. So far no rain, but it didn't blow away last night and we are due for a shower or two tonight so we'll see how that goes.

New tent, before it was attacked by gusty winds.  It leaks, too.

All in all, I'm rather happy with the way the day went, although I really do get more work done when I have a bit of background music going.  I may relax the rules next week to allow for radio until I finish my work for the day.

I did manage to not make any non-client phone calls, and stayed off both Facebook AND Twitter! (And my two favorite message boards as well).

Fruits of the experiment?  Today the tv hasn't been on at all, and I didn't watch the Weather Channel this morning while I was dressing either (mainly because when I turned it on there was something with the sound, as in THERE WAS NONE).  I listened to some Pandora while I was working but only for a couple of hours.

Looking forward to next week's TFT already!


  1. It is so peaceful when everything is shut off. I love that you did this too. My Wednesdays are so much more peaceful now.
    I'm on the fence about the radio though. It gets my kids up and dancing quite often. And they are together. It's not as 'consuming' as other electronics.

  2. I agree about the radio not being as consuming. And we do like to put the boombox in the window for some music when we're working in the garden, which sometimes cannot be ignored on a Tuesday.

    And the Weather Channel STILL has no sound this morning, which makes it more and more likely that I will have the cable shut off soon - we have never been able to receive all the channels we ought to be able to, and it's just a real time suck, KWIM?

  3. Turning everything off is hard sometimes. This is such a work in progress for us. But I am incredibly grateful that the family is at least trying to do it.
    It can only get easier, right?