Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Fail of TFT week 3

So Tech-Free Tuesday was a total bust this week.  I worked late out of dire necessity again, and was practically brain dead by the time I did finish.  Seems like the harder I work the more work I have, which is good because I'd rather be busy and be able to pay the bills, but OY VEY I would like a slack day soon so I can see if I can find my knitting mojo!

Turned in paperwork for homeschooling today, which means that officially the 'new school year' starts tomorrow.  I have to sit down with the calendar and plan out the summer field trips - Kennywood, Johnstown, Fallingwater are the top three.  If there is time I'd also like to go to Hershey, PA and Gettysburg.

I have a new phone - HTC Merge.  I will be experimenting to see if I can get along with using the phone as a mobile hotspot (so I can cut the Comcast umbilical cord just like I cut off AT&T today, bwahahahaha).  And one bill is better than two any day.

And these bugs?  They are box elder beetles, actually juvenile ones.  They grow up to be mostly black with a reddish-orange stripe design on their backs.  They eat maple tree seeds, of which there are a bazillion in the flower bed where they are thick on the ground.  So I think I'm willing to coexist with them, as long as they stay OUTSIDE where they belong!

Anyone out there use their phone as a hotspot for internet service?  I'm going to try tomorrow using the hotspot instead of the Comcast wireless, and see how it goes.

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  1. Hey, wait...where do you live? Because I've been to all of those places and I'm going to be driving through (well, past) Johnstown in a few weeks! Sounds like you might be in my old neck of the woods....

    I don't have internet. I have a Droid through Verizon, and I found a way to "tether" the phone to the computer, and my phone acts as a modem. It's pretty easy and fast - but if I get a phone call I get knocked offline. I already pay through the nose for unlimited everything on the phone, but I don't pay for internet, so it works out.