Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Back Home Again in Indiana", Part Three - Carb Day continued

Centennial Socks with pattern on The Bricks
 Sometimes I get a bit fidgety standing in line, and when we were standing in line at the Speedway Museum I did feel the need to occupy my time with something other than looking, since I'd had the good fortune to find some pretty red sock yarn at the Knit Stop (owned by a daughter of Mari Hulman George, which is one reason I stopped there on our way to the Speedway on Thursday), I pulled out the yarn (KPPPM, yummy) and started a sock.

There was a couple in line in front of me, all decked out in IndyCar gear - jackets, hats and shirts - and just as I got about half the stitches cast on, the woman turned around and noticed what I was doing.  Which led to this:

Lady Fan:  "Are you starting a sock?  Good on you for bringing something to do.  What's the pattern?"

Me:  "The name is Centennial, and it commemorates the Speedway.  Here, let me show you the pattern." (I get the pattern out of my tote and hand it to her; she looks through it and really likes the pictures. I describe how the stitch patterns are connected to the track and the race, which she thinks is pretty cool)

LF:  "My niece and I both knit, and so does my sister.  I don't think either of them have ever knit socks before, but this one would be a good one!  This is really neat! Where can I buy the pattern?"

Me:  "You can purchase it at!  It's only $1.99, and you can buy the yarn at the same time.  It's a relatively easy pattern once you get them started."

LF:  "What's the website again?"  (Goes to KnitPicks' website on her smartphone and BUYS THE PATTERN.) "Thanks! I think I'll enjoy knitting them!"

Al Unser, Sr. smiles for my camera

 As you can see, I didn't get to get any of the winning drivers' autographs at the Museum; we got about 10 people from the head of the line and time ran I edged down the rope and got this lucky shot of 4-time winner Al Unser, Sr.  He saw out of the corner of his eye that I had the camera up, and looked up and smiled so I could get a picture.

I just realized that I was able to take pictures of ALL THREE of the four-time winners.  You'll see the pictures of the other two in the next post or so. All in all, it was a good day (and I'm not done, but I want to string you along some so I can really savor remembering the weekend).

Stop back for the story of how I managed NOT to make a complete fool of myself when I met one of my biggest childhood heroes, how I turned my kids LOOSE at the Speedway to go watch the Indy Lights race, another motorsports celebrity sighting, and a couple of stories of life in Lot 2.  :)
Johnny Rutherford

Gordon Piper in the Trackside Cafe

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