Monday, June 13, 2011

New Feature - Tech-Free Tuesday!

My bloggy friend Wendy, who waxes eloquent over at Wendy Can't Cook, does her own version of WWE:  Wednesdays Without Electronics.  She made it sound so fun and exciting, we're going to try it, but we're going to do ours on Tuesdays.

I won't be able to do everything the way she does it, but the plan for right now is:  no television all day (what? no Weather Channel in the morning as I get dressed?  How will I know what to wear?  GAAAH!!!11Eleventy!!!!!).  No radio either.  I have my appointment calendar on Google Calendar, so you all will just have to trust that I'm not facebooking and twittering the day away (you'd know about the Twitter if you follow me there, just sayin').  I will answer email between noon and 1 pm when I am usually having my lunch; Birdman will have to check his email then also.  At 5 pm I will shut down the computer.  I have clients until 7 pm so I have to keep the phone on until at least then, in case they get lost trying to find me (I work from home and the street signs are largely missing in my neighborhood, so there you go).

Eventually I will try not to have clients after 4 pm, and everything will shut down then and we will have a Tech-Free dinner as well (grill out or have salads or some other meal not requiring the use of an indoor appliance).

I see card games, board games, croquet, catching fireflies and walks around the neighborhood in our future - more so than at present.
Yeah, RIGHT.
So, this means no blog post on Tuesday night, but I will be reviewing on Wednesdays - I can't wait a week to do mine like Wendy does, I'd forget what happened! So have a wonderful evening, and I'll be back with the first TFT Report on Wednesday!

Will this work?  Will my children mutiny?  Do you do tech-free evenings?


  1. Call 296-1212 for the weather...that's what I do in the morn. :o) I especially like your tech-free dinner idea. I'd grill everything if I could, it simply tastes better! We are largely tech-free in the evenings, with the exception of listening to the occasional CD for some music. As of late, eldest son has taken to playing a Turkish drum for some "music" (I use that term loosely). ;o) Look at that short-haired Lightning McQueen! ;o)

  2. I don't wait a week to post, I write it on the Thursday and schedule it so it posts on the next WWE. LOL.

    And we seriously lacked discipline last week. I am actually considering moving it to Tuesday also. I am thrilled that you are trying! Thanks for the mentions here too. Have fun with it!