Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Evidence I'm Not What You Expect.....

in a Catholic mommy blog:

I had a Very Bad Day today.  I discovered that my kids, when they were supposed to be cleaning up the back yard and weeding the garden, were across the street having a CAMPFIRE.  On the GRASS in our neighbor's yard.  And getting into his storage shed.

Anger, disappointment, fury, rage, none of those words come close to how I feel......

It's raining now, but prior to this afternoon we've had some very dry days and it's purely a miracle they didn't burn half the neighborhood with their stupid criminal stunt.

Sometimes I despair of them ever 'getting with the program' - they are sneaky and disrespectful almost as much as they are helpful and sweet.  They NEVER apologize.  They seem to have no earthly clue sometimes.

In short, today has been one of those days when I seriously wonder why God sent me these children.

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