Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hurry Up And Come Over,

my house is CLEAN.

Well, the downstairs is, except for my desk area which is never clean for more than 2 minutes.  The upstairs is still a Superfund site, and the basement is still a mess (and now I think the washer has sprung a leak, ARGH).  But the "public" areas of the house are neat and relatively organized.

I finally finished editing the photos I want to put up in my kitchen, and found the black trigger cloth to complete the chair covers - my kitchen chairs are gold and brown, which doesn't go with red, black and white.  I bought red and white print awning fabric to pair with the black trigger, and will make slipcovers!  Now I just need to compose a diner-style menu and have it laminated for the table, get a sign made and I think that will be it.

Anyone know what kind of bugs these are?  They are thick in the flower bed beside my driveway.

Here's my house.  The hens are inside the picket fence there in the right foreground.  My garden is there at center-right (the moundy-looking plants are lavender MMMMMMMM they smell good).  The main part of the house dates from before 1900 - probably before 1880 but I haven't had time to go to the courthouse to trace the deeds yet.  The flat-roofed addition is from the 1970s (if the date on the inside of the toilet tank is to be believed).  There is a full standup basement under the main house, and also a usable (but as yet only partially finished) attic too.  I have some neat architectural features on the inside I'll have to photograph and post here sometime.

Hope everyone had a good weekend - tomorrow might be another Mute Monday, and then Tech-Free Tuesday again.  Have a peaceful and blessed week, readers!


  1. What's on the menu at Mama Magpies? ;o)

  2. potluck tonight; Lightning McQueen has his final 4H meeting of the year. Last year it was hamburgers/hot dogs and all the traditional fixings......I look forward to it because I don't have to cook it, serve it or clean up after it. Why yes, I am horribly lazy........