Monday, June 6, 2011

"Back Home Again in Indiana", Part Five

Mostly I'm just going to let the photos speak for themselves this time.  I used my Driver's Meeting Invitation (pictures of that coming tomorrow, because I have to do some editing; most of the time I'm really lazy and just post the pictures just as they come off the camera) to get access to the garage area and had a bunch of those gawking moments.

The car that won the race!

One of the Foyt Racing garages

4-time "500" winner A.J. Foyt
 The photo above completes my collection of photos of all three four-time Indy 500 winners.  Maybe someday I'll get the autographs to go with them, but for now I'm happy I got to SEE them all.
Think this is Janet; Pork Chop was over getting fueled up.  :)

Pippa Mann's car (got her autograph)

Marco Andretti's #26 machine

Is this Hinchcliffe's car? 

Takuma Sato's garage

I have a jar of Marmite for T. Scheck.......

NOT zoomed in, I was really this close to Simona's race car.  I touched the tire.  ;)

And up close and personal with Ed Carpenter's ride too!
All in all, the entire weekend was perfectly stupendous (I'm trying to stop using the word AWESOME, lol).....Amazing to be able to just walk around and take photos of all the cars, Important Racing Personalities and the surroundings.  Kind of like getting to a U2 concert a few hours early and being allowed to wander up on stage and take a good close-up look at the instruments that Bono, The Edge and the rest of the band actually play.

I started to say that I might be able to finish this up in one more post, but I think it really needs to be two more (I need a post for Race Day all by itself).  So tomorrow I will hopefully have my Driver's Meeting photos edited and I can blather on about that.

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