Friday, June 10, 2011

Well. What Next?

I need to write a post about Lightning McQueen's 4-H presentation.

I would like to write about something very bittersweet, but worry that it's too personal.

But right now I'm kind of stuck.  I have no idea what to write!

I don't have a husband to write about, good OR bad.  My kids are, well, kind of ordinary, and I don't want to write too often about how aggravated I get with them sometimes for fear I will get the reputation of "horrible mommy blogger". Plus there are only so many times you can post about sibling bickering before it starts wearing thin. I could write about work, but really my work is 99% really boring pants and suits, and only 1% gorgeous designer gowns and opportunities for me to work my creative magic.

I could write about the hens, but I have decided NO MORE HEN POSTS until Oregano and Barbecue start laying.

I could also write about the realities about being a single parent. You really have no idea.  All those single moms who do interesting things like shop with friends, and date, and go to dinner?  That is not me.  I have a completely different life.

I do plan to put in the garden tomorrow, so there's that.  I'll try to remember to take pictures.

What do YOU want to read?

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