Friday, July 1, 2011


Over the next few days I'll be accessing the internet using my phone' mobile hotspot. I'm also going to experiment with blogging by email (for draft posts).

I need to decide what we're going to do to celebrate Independence Day - we're all going to be in the parade on Monday afternoon, so I suppose we'll have a grill-out on Saturday or Sunday (but I think there might be a surprise from my mom in the works for Sunday afternoon, SQUEE).

I went to get in the car last night to roll up the windows and a VERY industrious spider had built a web across the window.  Since my car has no frame around the glass, the web was actually anchored to the steering wheel, the inner door frame and the seat back.  And naturally I went right through it.

I screamed.

Actually I screeched.

Then I grabbed the nearest handy instrument of arm-extenderness, an ice scraper hanging on the fence that hasn't made it indoors for the summer yet, and eliminated the web (and hopefully evicted the spider).

Never a dull moment.

And we ran a load of towels today, and yes, the washing machine IS leaking.  And not from the inlet hoses or drain hose.  Now I have to debate whether to talk to a handy neighbor (who will probably come try to diagnose/repair the problem for free or a minor amount), or try to find a not-exorbitantly-priced repair service (which of course will have to be paid TWICE, once to diagnose and again to repair).  Decisions.......

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