Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just About Tired of Trying

I got the photos uploaded but life happened and I haven't had time to compose a post to accompany them.

I started a second job today, as a seamstress at a local casual-clothing store in the mall (mostly hemming jeans).

Some woman I've never seen before in my life came to my door this evening and told me that "every day for weeks" my kids have been abusing her kids and her neighbor's kids, that one of my kids tore up her daughter's expensive bicycle, and pushed her daughter and hurt her wrist so that she has to take the child to the Urgent Care. She said she is contemplating calling the police. I did ask the woman why, if this has been going on for weeks, did she wait this long to come to my house to say something.  She said that 'the older boy told me he was telling you everything.'

And my mom said it wasn't anyone else's responsibility to check on her and my kids last week.

Ever feel like crying but know that it's just not worth the effort?


  1. Something sounds a little off with that woman's accusations that this apparently has been going on for weeks...??
    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this odd situation. :( Can I help in any way? Prayers for all involved.

  2. Some people like to 'add details' to pad their story and feel justified in complaining. I'm sure everything will work out ok. Sucks though, who wants to have extra guilt, especially when you are just starting another job.

    Hang in there.

  3. Thanks for the words of support. Nothing further from that mom, and the alleged offending child was not out of my sight all day except to go to dinner with his friend, so if anything happened today I know for a fact it wasn't my kids who did anything.
    I'm sure thankful for my blog, and my bloggy friends!