Monday, July 18, 2011

Da Burgh, 'Nat......

Last week we had to go to the bus station in Pittsburgh to get Birdman when he returned from visiting his friend in Cincinnati.  We'd originally planned to eat at a Turkish restaurant, but it was closed. :( So we ended up at McDonald's.

 After we ate, we still had time before Birdman's bus was due to arrive, so we took a walk.  The pink car in the photo below is actually a taxi (will have to edit that one so maybe you can see that it's a pink YELLOW CAB, which is the whole reason I took the picture).

There's a really neato water feature that runs underneath the Convention Center.  You can walk down the concrete ramp/pathway there and go under the sidewalk, and come out on the riverfront.

Those are the lights at PNC Park there in the distance.  We're standing on the riverfront at the Convention Center; there are bollards at the edge where I presume they tie up the Gateway Clippers.

 On the way back to the bus station we came upon this historical marker about the Lewis and Clark expedition.  In the background is the history museum where we went to see the Vatican Splendors exhibit last year.  We are also about three blocks from the Strip District!

Here's an amusing bumper sticker on a car in the parking garage at the bus station:

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