Saturday, July 16, 2011

My name's not Mary, but I can be contrary......

and look at my garden grow!
Beefsteak tomatoes

Big Boy tomatoes

Butternut squash, a volunteer plant!

The whole thing.

Grape tomatoes

A bell pepper blossom

Russian White tomatoes; I guess they aren't Communists since they are 'White' not 'Red'

Two volunteer potato plants.  I have no clue whether there are taters under there or not.  I'll find out at the end of the summer!
I'll have to water it tonight, I think.  I wish I'd planted more, then there would be less to weed!  I still have some Swiss Chard seed and lettuce that I might try for a fall crop.  And why did I not plant any beans?

The end down there where the potato plants are needs some serious amendments, like some chicken bedding and composted manure tilled in.  It's very clay-ey soil with lots of rocks.  I've only had that tilled up for two seasons now; there was a small tree there that I had removed in order to expand the garden (because I can't afford to shop at our local farmer's market, oh my I could REALLY get on my soapbox about that!). But from the butternut squash to the tomatoes, it's ridiculously rich and fertile (also grows weeds very well too, unfortunately).

I can't wait to have something to harvest besides herbs!  Soon, soon!

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