Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Farmer's Work is Never Done, You Just Get To Take a Break to Earn a Living.

We did a LOT of yard work today.  I mowed and trimmed the grass, Velvet helped organize the trash cans and clean up the concrete pad where they are supposed to be stored when it's not trash day, Lightning McQueen raked up the chicken poop in the yard and fertilized the rosebush, and Birdman helped me get some grass seed sown in one of the many bare spots.

I have several small tomatoes, and some butternut squash on the volunteer plants!

Go here to see a pic of one of them!

I got the mint trimmed off by the back walk too - it was taking over (but that's what mint is supposed to do, so it's all good).

Birdman came home from CAP Encampment this afternoon.  I think I'll have him write a post about his experience, although I will mention that he was one of the Distinguished Cadets this year.  :D

I'm really pooped; I think I'll have a tall glass of tea and relax for a bit, after I get the laundry off the line.

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