Thursday, July 14, 2011

Will It Ever End?

I'm going to a conference and retreat next week, and am really beginning to wonder when I am going to get everything ready to go.  I still have to make a trip to the grocery store, pick up one more load from the dry cleaner (vestments that have to go with me, they were supposed to be ready on Wednesday but now they say tomorrow, ARGH), do laundry one. more. time, mow and trim the yard, clean my room, start packing my clothes, yada yada.........

This is supposed to be my vacation, even though I'm usually kept pretty busy during the actual event.  I go up a day beforehand to get the chapel arranged and then I get to spend a half day in the little town, visiting the yarn store and the old-fashioned five & dime and just relaxing before the conference and retreat starts.

At the rate things are going now I'm going to need another vacation just to recuperate from getting ready for this one.


  1. Have a great retreat! We miss the good ol' days of "Catholic Camp"! :o) How was your Turkish dinner in the 'Burgh?

  2. Sadly, the Liberty Avenue location of the Turkish restaurant is closed. There is supposedly one in the Lawrenceville section, I think, which I will try to find next time. I did discover, however, that the Strip District is within healthy-person walking distance of the bus station!