Friday, July 15, 2011

Kitchen Decorating

 A while ago I Tweeted that I'd ordered, and picked up, enlargements of some snapshots from Walgreens, and that I was very happy with them.  Some of you may have wondered:
  • what I photographed
  • why I ordered enlargements
  • where I was going to hang them
Well, now you know!  I took over a hundred pictures when we went to the Indy 500 this year, and I chose 17 of the best ones and got them enlarged and printed to put on the walls kitchen! The frames are the very least expensive Wal-Mart sells; I like how they don't overpower the pictures.

You can't see very well, but I have a snapshot of ALL THREE of the four-time "500" winners; A.J. Foyt, Rick Mears and Al Unser Sr. At the very top is a large frame in which I mounted our tickets and camping permits from the past two years.

You can see the edge of the curtains in the picture; it's black and white gingham (very difficult to find.  Most places only have black and ivory).  I have white walls, cabinets and appliances, and black commercial vinyl tile on the floor.  The lower part of the walls is beadboard wainscoting, painted RED, and separating the red from the white is a nice black chair rail.

The color scheme matches a Hoosier cabinet I picked up at a tag sale several years ago. 

When I realized that I'd accidentally painted my kitchen in IndyCar colors, I decided to make that the 'theme' of the room.  Who needs boring apples or cherries when you can have race cars?  And yes, I am completely aware of the coincidence of having the colors of a HOOSIER cabinet be the inspiration for the room.
I have fabric to make slipcovers for the chairs too.  Red and white indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric with a floral design for the seats and backs, and the skirting will be black.  Topstitched in white jeans thread.  The only other things I'm going to add are a fake 'diner menu' laminated to a collage photo to put on the table, and next year when we go to Indy I'll pick up a set of flags in a holder to mount above the door on the wall.

Now that I'm on the downhill slide of doing this room, I'm almost ready to start on the dining room.  Any suggestions for a theme?

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