Saturday, September 11, 2010

Otpust 2010, Part 2

The porch of one of the (now unused due to disrepair) Pilgrim Houses, where a group of Pilgrims gather on Saturday and Sunday nights and sing traditional hymns and liturgical songs.  

Here are a few more photos from the weekend for you.  Once the rain cleared out on Friday evening you can see that the weather could not have been more perfect.  Not too hot, but nice and sunny, with a lovely breeze.

Cross atop the dome on the Shrine Altar

Lightning McQueen carries the Processional Cross for our parish at the candlelight procession on Sunday evening

Memorial to victims of abortion, near the cemetery

My Godson with his mom, Godfather Fr. Kevin, and me

Clergy and bishops processing to the cemetery for the Parastas service.

I am so happy that we have this family tradition! I'm just sorry it took so many years to discover it.  During the time we were members of a Latin parish we never knew this wonderful spiritually enriching weekend even existed.  Now for the past four years, and hopefully for many more to come, it is our end of summer, beginning of the academic year 'retreat'.

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  1. Ok, now you've really got me wanting to head back up to the peace of the Mount! We've been singing Pilgrimage hymns ever since we returned. I am sure you & the minis have been, too. Like Walter K. at St. Mary's Holy Protection said, the Mount is holy ground -- once you experience the Pilgrimage in honor of OLPH, you know just what he means...
    I am glad this is a dual family tradition for both of us! 0:o)+