Monday, November 29, 2010

News from the Schoolroom

Velvet has finished her math book, Saxon 5/4!  Actually she has 2 more lessons and one Investigation to go, but this was my only free evening this week, so we went out to Barnes & Noble and picked up a 6th-grade math workbook for her to use, as Lightning McQueen is currently using the Saxon 6/5 book.  I've tried having two kids share a book and it doesn't work at all.

Birdman got a 100% on his first Algebra 1 test, and got a promotion to Cadet Senior Airman in Civil Air Patrol.

Everyone is brushing up on their Christmas carols in preparation for Friday's caroling on the courthouse square.

We've begun working in earnest on the 4H project books as well, since the new books should be in at the next meetings and then both Lightning McQueen and Velvet will be working from two books - Velvet has horses and cats, and Lightning McQueen is working on chickens and dogs.

Sometime over the next couple of weeks we'll start gathering information on Italy, our next country for Culture Club.

All three of them are now keeping up with their reading lists on their own; Velvet is turning out to be the readingest kid!

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  1. Yippee for successful home education! Tweaking & tailoring the education to fit the child is one of the blessings of home education! :o)