Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some thoughts about the TSA

You know, for all the liberals would have us believe that most Americans are really in favor of guys wearing their pants down around their hips (how DO they keep them from falling down, anyway), college chickies wearing skirts so short they wouldn't even make a decent tote bag if you were to sew the bottom shut and add a handle, cleavage popping out everywhere, the glories of whatever kind of sexual activity you happen to feel like having, the reason all those folks look so........violated..........when they are photographed or filmed undergoing either one of those disgusting 'grope sessions' the TSA likes to call an 'enhanced pat-down' OR their stint in the X-ray machine where the gawkers behind the screen can see every detail under your clothing, is because they DO feel violated.

This new policy is an egregious offense not only against the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, but the natural law as well.  No one should be subjected to such indignity, in full view of the general public - ESPECIALLY if certain classes and categories of persons (read:  burqa'd Muslimas) are either permitted a free pass or are allowed to search themselves.

This is the ultimate objectification of people.

I've even tried to have one side of my admittedly feeble brain play 'devil's advocate' and allow that perhaps the Powers That Be have some concrete knowledge of some specific threat that is being deterred by smirking rent-a-cops in blue disposable gloves, petting the nether regions of nuns, amputees with prosthetic limbs, cancer survivors with ostomy bags, and little boys.  Nope, I can't see how this is justified.  Not at all. People are having to go into therapy after undergoing these searches.

This is so sad.

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  1. I agree! Thank you for this post. You said it much better than I could have.