Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Simply Has to Stop.

How do these people sleep at night, much less look themselves in the eye while they're brushing their teeth and combing their hair?  Lord, have mercy!


  1. It is hard to find the right words to express how I feel about the filth that PP promotes.
    Lila Rose (Live Action Films) has done wonderful work in uncovering the rape of our youth by PP & their ilk.
    Lord, have mercy, indeed!

  2. Hi raising3saints. I'm sorry that I am commenting under this but I can't seem to find the post about the altar clothes and tabernacle veils. I read your comment on Fr. Z's blog and would be interested in the clothes and veils. Would you be interested in discussing this?

  3. Since the story broke, PP has panicked & shifted into damage control mode ...
    ~Initially PP tried to shift the blame onto Lila Rose, the young activist whose organization, Live Action, exposed the despicable PP behavior
    ~Abortion advocates then claimed the problem was
    that the video had been "edited" -- before
    learning that the entire, unedited footage was
    sent to federal authorities for the investigation
    ~NJ, the state where the sting was conducted, then announced that their attorney general is now looking into the allegations
    ~In another desperate attempt to deflect
    criticism, PP fired the clinic manager in the video late Tuesday, trying to blame the actions on a lone employee, rather than accept responsibility for a widespread problem
    ~Members of Congress & leading anti-human
    trafficking advocates are now calling for a
    freeze on the $350+ MILLION of taxpayer funds
    that PP receives annually

  4. @NonSumDignus: I tried to contact you via your user name but there is no email linked to it! You may email me at raising3saints AT gmail DOT com if you are still interested.

    @Johnson: I'm not surprised that PP is trying to weasel out of accepting responsibility for the content of that video......time to write our Congressmen and Senators and support the DEFUNDING of this horrible organization!