Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daily Bread

Dough almost ready for the first rising
 I baked bread the other day, and happened to take a couple of photos.  I really enjoy baking (but I wish my kitchen table wasn't so wobbly so I could really put my back into the kneading), even though I am not presently allowing myself to have any bread, since I am pursuing a state of non-lumpiness and carbs are TEH ENEMY!

I rarely purchase bread at the store, and when I do it's usually something off the day-old display, some artisan bread that is usually $5 a loaf but didn't sell so I can get it for way cheaper - sometimes as low as a dollar!

My overused foil bread pans
Here are my bread pans.  Yes, they are the disposable foil kind.  I know they are only supposed to be used once.  But I like THIS PARTICULAR SIZE and I cannot find it in a 'real' bread pan.  So I buy the foil ones and use them until they are just so utterly misshapen that I cannot stand to use them any more, throw them out (or use them for holding table scraps for the chickens and THEN throw them away) and buy new ones.

I wish I could say I bake every day, or that I bake ALL my family's bread, but sadly I haven't achieved that level of pioneer-ness yet.  I could do it if necessary, but right now it isn't.

Oh! If you look back up there at the first picture you will see that my dough is resting on a wooden board.  My mom got me the most wonderfully fantastic Paula Deen pie board at Wal-Mart a month or so ago, and it is the greatest thing to knead bread on!  One side has different size circles etched into the wood so you can roll your crust out to the right size with no guesswork, and the plain side is the side I use for kneading bread. It's acacia wood, kind of slick like bamboo but darker and a lot heavier.  This is really like an easily-moved-around butcher block, but I don't ever plan to put a knife to this board.  Bread and pie crust only, thanks.

Anyway, wobbly kitchen table, ugly dented bread pans and everything, I still make pretty good bread.

Kind of like what God can do with us when we choose to let Him lead.

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