Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Slugs Come Out At Night......

Some more detailed (and less emotionally infused) information about slugs can be found here.

Monday night Birdman went outside to give Eli his final p-break before bedtime, and he called me to come outside.  When I went out the back door, he pointed at the side of the house next to the back door, where I saw what looked like a huge wad of snot suspended from more snot, with yet MORE snot hanging off the bottom end of the whole thing, and all of it gently waving in the night air.

But no.  It wasn't snot.  It was a pair of slugs.

Slugs being both boy and girl at the same time, I don't suppose I could say it was Mr. Slug and Mrs. Slug enjoying a romantic interlude in the total non-privacy of the wall of my house by my back door.  I never did figure out which one was being the male and which the female (because they didn't get any privacy after we realized we had an episode of "National Geographic" suspended from a string of slug-slime right outside the door).

This was interesting (in a gross sort of way).  I have never in my life seen anything as completely creepy and odd as these slugs 'having a moment'.

The pale string at the top of the photo is the string of slime that was anchored onto the siding just out of the top of the frame.

You can see how the slugs are curled around each other all lovey-dovey. (shudder)

That pale bluish blob there at the bottom?  That is the slugs' genitalia.  You can refer to the Wikipedia article I linked up there at the beginning of the post to see how this all works; I can tell you that from my observation, the article is accurate. (more shudders)

And what happened to our ga-ga gastropods?  After I went inside, Lightning McQueen took the salt outside and sprinkled them into oblivion.

I can only assume that they went happy.

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  1. That's funny and disgusting all at the same time. I would guess that if it were my wall, I would have sent them to the same end you did.

    Although I might be a little envious of them going down THAT happy...LOL