Friday, August 5, 2011

Going to the Fair!

Oregano being tested for typhoid
Lightning McQueen is showing his pullets (who are really hens now, as at least one of them has laid an egg, but I digress) at the county fair next week.

The birds have to be tested for typhoid and have a leg band put on before they can go to the fair, and the County Ag came and did the testing a few days ago.

First we had to catch them.  Ha ha! They quickly figured out that something was up, and they were literally all over the place trying to get away from us.  Birdman finally cornered Barbecue over in the corner of the yard, and Velvet managed to get Oregano before she got completely under the chicken coop. Oregano had her turn first, and behaved rather well.  There was some trouble with the leg band, and the first one broke, so they had to do that twice. But she was finally pronounced healthy, banded and then it was Barbecue's turn.

Barbecue waiting her turn

She has no clue!
 Chickens are not very bright.  In fact, they are rather stupid.  Actually, they are very stupid (in some ways).
Bok-BOK! What are you doing?
Barbecue was a bit uncooperative
 Afterwards they both strutted about the yard as if they'd won some super prize. Silly chickens.
Thank goodness THAT'S over with!
I'll let you know how they do at the fair after the show next Thursday!

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