Monday, December 20, 2010

I Need Your Input, Please!

I think, if I can ever get a painter to show up over here, I may have my kitchen finished before too long. (Long story; one was supposed to be here at 9 this morning and I didn't hear until after 3 pm that evidently he has been ill since Saturday........riiiiiight.)

The colors are white, black and red:  white upper walls, ceiling and cabinets; black chair rail, and red beadboard wainscoting.  My floor is black commercial vinyl tile and my appliances are white.

I have gorgeous 1" black and white gingham with which to make cafe' curtains and valances for the two windows; they will be hung on black iron decorative cafe' rods; these, in fact.

The cafe' curtains are easy-peasy; two pairs of lined panels on the lower portion of each window.  It's the valances/toppers I'm having trouble with.  I have plenty of fabric to do either of the following:

Simplicity "Can Tops" pattern, View B at upper left on pattern envelope


McCall's "Home Dec-in-a-Sec", the valance in the lower left on the pattern envelope

Which do you all like better?  I plan to bind the edges of whichever one I make in red bias to match the wainscoting, and all pieces will be lined and weighted where appropriate.

I guess for purposes of comments, we'll call the Simplicity pattern "Can Tops" and the McCall's one "Gathered Swag".  And since I don't have a whole lot of regular readers (yet), please consider sharing this post with your online friends and ask them to come and weigh in. And yes, when all the work is done I promise to post photos!


  1. Uh oh, lone dissenter here...while I like the Can Tops style...I think the Gathered Swag would look better in the kitchen. :o) Can't wait to see the finished product!