Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another year begins,

and I'm wondering what the coming 12 months have in store for me and my family.  Lightning McQueen and I have begun an exercise program which mostly consists of playing "Dance Dance Revolution" on his PS2.  He's getting pretty good at it; we actually started a few days ago.  Velvet doesn't need any additional exercise what with her riding lessons - it amazes me that she can work up a sweat sitting on a horse.  Must be more work than it looks like, right?  Birdman gets pretty regular exercise too by taking Eli for his walks.  And there's bending over to pick up the poop too, you know......

I'm going to try to read more meaty books.  I tend to get lazy and re-read good books several times, but I'm really going to make an effort to not do that so much, and get some of the books I've had for a while, but haven't read, off the shelf and into my line of sight.

I can't really change a great deal about my prayer life, except to try to be more conscious of the times when I'm most likely to be interrupted (and try not to have those times be prayer times).  I'd sort of like to work on committing the Psalms that I pray daily to memory, so as to be able to pray them wherever I am when I first get up in the morning (and before I turn off the light at bedtime).

Regular rotation of household chores might be a good idea.  I suspect that things don't get done the way they ought to because doing the same thing all the time gets a bit boring (or maybe a LOT boring).

I've got a kitchen to finish painting - yes, I've decided to finish it myself, having not been able to find a painter to do it.  And I found lining for the curtains, so now I just need to get bias binding for the trim and I can do that project.  I'm going to try to have this finished by the end of January!

We need a few more hens; I feel mean with this waiting list I'm having to keep for eggs.  I need to find a way to get rain barrels under the two downspouts by the garden space before I put in a garden this year.  The basement needs a thorough cleaning-out due to its having become the repository for all that is broken or unused (why don't we just Freecycle or discard those things?  shaking my head in disbelief.....)

Field trips I'd like to do:  Johnstown, PA; Gettysburg; Indy (Speed Week plus the Race); Maryland Sheep & Wool; Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber; Pilgrimage at Mt. St. Macrina; Bridge Day (at the New River Gorge Bridge).........

Knitting?  It would be lovely to be able to knit, oh, 5 more pairs of socks before chilly weather sets in next fall.  I've got a lace project started that I'm thinking of entering in the county fair (if I get it finished; it's a pretty ambitious project). I'd like to learn Fair Isle (colorwork) and double knitting.

I also hereby resolve to post here at least weekly.  Whether or not I manage to do anything I've mentioned, it promises to be an interesting year and I'd love to share it with you!

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