Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bit of a progress report

I'm knitting a pair of socks to give as a gift (yes, I know I'm a selfish knitter, but this person really deserves a wonderful gift and I think I'm the only person she knows who knits socks), and last night I finished sock #1 while in a New Year's Eve live chat AND drinking a rather large glass of wine.  This morning I cast on sock #2 and I did a geeky thing:  I computed how many total rounds are in the whole sock so I could keep track of my percentage of completeness!  I have the ribbing and 2 pattern repeats done, which works out to 18.13%!  I'd like to finish these very soon so the recipient will maybe realize that if I'd thought of it a few days earlier they would be a Christmas gift.  There will be photos when they are blocking.

And I just noticed in my stats that I've had a visitor from Russia!  Welcome, and I hope you'll become a regular reader!

I'm off to find a nice meaty book to read this evening........

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