Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm wondering.......

I admit to the possibility that I may actually the only one in my circle of 'real life' friends who has any need of help in any form. Granted I seldom ask anyone for anything, because I am usually met with excuses and reasons why the person I asked, can't.

I don't really feel like I fit in anyway, but to think that NONE of them think enough of me to ask for my help with ANYTHING? And when they do, well.........

Friend says to me "blahblah situation blah family member blahblah ridiculous blahblah goingonforever blah alwayssomethingtopickatme blahblah"

I say "we should have coffee sometime, I have a few ideas of how to deal with this but it's not really something I prefer to discuss in front of my kids"

Friend later contacts me electronically with "ohsorryIsaidtoomuchIdidn'tmeantobotheryounevermindjustforgetIsaidanythingOK?"

I'm at a total loss here.


  1. Dear wondering friend of mine,
    I'd venture to say that others may think (worry) that you are loaded enough with solo-work, parenting & schooling & wouldn't want to burden you with extra...even though they know that from friend to friend it is never really a burden.

  2. That may be true. And I ought to have added to the post, although you probably know this, that I was not referring to you and your family! :)

  3. Even those of us who might look like we "fit the mold" don't always feel like we fit in, either.
    Mold-breakers...unite. ;o)