Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greater Perfection

This is the title of the first of my "Meaty Books" project for 2011.  The author is Sister Miriam Teresa, a Sister of Charity of St. Elizabeth.  It was originally published in 1928 and is a series of transcribed conferences given to the Sisters, written under holy obedience to Sr. Miriam's spiritual father.

Sr. Miriam was a Novice, which makes the depth of these conferences all the more amazing.

I truly enjoyed the book, and have hopes that at least some of what I read over the past several weeks will bear fruit in my life.

I would like to share with you the prayer at the end of the book:

Most Holy and Blessed Trinity, unplumbed and fathomless abyss of divine charity, consume this impetuous victim in the fiery sea of Thy love.  My Father, Thou Who from all eternity didst will my creation and preservation according to nature and grace, receive the holocaust Thou hast desired as an act of total annihilation.  My Jesus, my Uncreated Treasure, take Thy spouse into Thy Heart as a token of complete submission to the least impulse of Thy good pleasure.  Eternal Spirit, on the innermost altar of Thy sanctuary, accept the oblation of Thy chosen one as the seal of entire abandonment to Thy absolute control.
God, the Father Almighty, my Creator, preserve me.
God, the Son, my Redeemer and Spouse, save me.
God, the Holy Ghost, my Sanctifier, enlighten and govern me.
Holy Trinity, one God, perfect me in love.
Holy Trinity, one God, I love Thee. 
I think that just about says it.

My next book is "The Conscience of a Conservative" by Barry Goldwater.  Copyright 1960, Victor Publishing Company. This one shouldn't take long to get through; it's a paperback and only 127 pages.  One the back cover are some blurbs from publications which reviewed the book; one of them is from the Soviet "newspaper" Pravda: "A Dangerous, Unwise Affair .... Goldwater will 'End Up In a Pine Box'" (March 21, 1960).  

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