Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Which I Introduce Myself

Welcome to my world!  Never a dull moment here, so perhaps once I get a few posts up you will find yourself a regular visitor.
 I live in a medium-sized college town in an old, drafty Gothic Revival home with three kids (Birdman, Velvet and Lightning McQueen), a dog (Eli), a parakeet (Chuck), two laying hens (Crockpot and Drumstick), a garden, a whole lot of yarn, even more books, and too many dust bunnies.  We are homeschoolers and I have a tailoring business in my home. We're Eastern Catholics and political conservatives.
 I have fascinating neighbors and we love to go on road trips to just about anywhere.  We are IndyCar fans but that doesn't mean we don't like NASCAR, we cheer for the Steelers (and a few other teams), we think curling is a weird sport, and I will forever be a Cincinnati Reds fan.  College football?  Purdue, because I think "Boilermakers" is an awesome name for a team.  Soccer?  No thanks, I don't drive a minivan.  Little League?  not in this family; around here they play for BLOOD.
 Coffee?  Certainly!  Tea?  Yep.  Soda?  Not so much.  TV?  Yes, probably too much.  Radio?  Oldies and country, please.  Scouting?  No, we do 4-H, Civil Air Patrol, and Birdman is in the local Junior Rifle Club.
Hopefully there's something in that not-to-be-construed-as-exhaustive list that interests you, and you'll subscribe or click back here often in hopes that I post something that makes you think, or laugh, or cry.
Now I have to go play Laundry Fairy, and try to discover the reason why, with only four people living here, there are always at least six pairs of shoes lying dejectedly all over the downstairs.

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