Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Brain is Working Overtime Today

Why is it that it is perfectly fine for organizations whose purpose is to raise awareness about animal abuse to use both still photos and live-action footage of starved and severely wounded animals - horses, dogs, cats, monkeys - for the 'shock value', in an attempt to further their cause..........but if a pro-life organization tried that, they'd be sued into oblivion?

I kind of know the answer to that question already, but every time I see the television ad for the Humane Society that shows footage of dogs and cats who have obviously been horribly mistreated, I wish I had the available funds to try just one 30-second ad in favor of human life using actual photos of the end result of abortion.

And yes, Eli was adopted from an animal shelter.  Chuck is a rescue too, his original owner having discovered an allergy to birds which made it impossible for Chuck to live with her any more.

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