Thursday, August 19, 2010

Venting, Just a Bit

I keep hearing "public service announcements" on the local radio station (an AM Oldies station that I listen to in my workroom) for the Peace Corps.  One thing that really irks my liver about these announcements is the statement "prepare a meal with food you helped to grow."  With all the stuff that goes before this phrase the tone is that joining the Peace Corps is the only way to do this.  Haven't these people ever heard of a garden?  I have one, and many of our meals include produce from our garden, year round, because in addition to growing things to eat fresh, we also preserve foods so that we may enjoy nature's bounty when the streets are snow-covered and temperatures are in the single digits.

At the end of the announcement the script says "after all, who are we as a society if we don't help those who need it the most?"  Indeed!  And why should we have to go a couple of thousand miles away to help needy people?  They are right here with us (Jesus assured us of that, you know).  In your city, in your neighborhood, perhaps right on your street.

The Peace Corps is a noble idea, but don't hang your hat solely on a government agency if you want to be charitable.  Open your eyes and look around you.  Chances are, you will be able to find someone very close who needs the very thing you have to offer.

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