Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In Which I Admit to Almost Liking the Thought of Snow

The key word up there is "Almost."

Oh my, what a terrifically hot and humid day today!  The actual temperature only reached the upper 80s, but the humidity made it feel like the mid to upper 90s.  It was all I could do to get through the necessary work I had to finish today, and then I forced myself to squeeze in a pair of slacks on rush service so I wouldn't have to do them tomorrow - thus maybe making for a shorter day tomorrow.  It didn't help that both bridesmaid dresses and the slacks were black.  After I'd seen the last client of the day I treated the kids to Little Caesar's; it being nearly 90 in the house I didn't want to cook anything (also we are a bit low on groceries; I'm having a hard time explaining to them that when I go to the store and spend $100 or so, it's supposed to last more than 36 hours), plus if I'd gone to the store for sandwich stuff we still would have had to eat it in a stiflingly hot house.  So we had a pizza picnic in the air-conditioned car, and then went over to Panera for my knitting group.
What an utter disaster.  I'd explained to the Three Terrors before we got out of the car that the length of time spent in Panera (where the a/c is turned to a setting somewhere between "Ice Age" and "Polar Outpost") would be directly proportional to their ability to occupy themselves with the books they had brought with them.  No such luck.  Up, down, to the bathroom and back, pushing and shoving until finally after about 30 minutes (yes, I know I should have packed them up and left LONG before that point, but - read this next part with a little whiny voice - if I did that the instant any one of them act out, trying to be the center of attention when I am trying to have some non-work-related, comfortable adult recreation - I would literally never get to stay anywhere longer than about 2 minutes) I sent them all to the car and we left, stopping at the grocery store to get toilet paper, coffee creamer and a few (very few) other necessities on the way home. Yes, the a/c in the store was nice and cold.  No, they didn't behave like civilized beings in there either.
So anyway, here I am in my nice comfy recliner with the computer on my lap, writing this blog post and half watching "So You Think You Can Dance."
And what am I knitting?  Right now a scarf for a neato scarf swap, in which we all knit the same scarf and then send to our swap partner a scarf in the known pattern but a surprise yarn in a colorway she will enjoy.  Also I'm nearly halfway through Eunny Jang's "Bayerische" socks, in Knit Picks Gloss Sock yarn, the Dolphin colorway. The socks I am doing two at a time; I knit socks on dpns so I purchased two sets of needles for these socks and am doing one repeat of the pattern on each sock, one after the other.  I have three full repeats (of four) completed on both socks; one more and then I will do the heels.  And then the feet!  And then I will have another pair of awesome hand knit socks!

Teaser:  I had five things entered for judging in the county fair which started yesterday, and I won five ribbons, three firsts and two thirds.  I'll post pictures, and the stories behind each thing I entered, once I get my entries back with my ribbons on Sunday.

Birdman is baking brownies.  I am going to clear off my lap now so I'll be ready to enjoy them once they are done.

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