Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tangentially Related to the Immediately Preceding Post

Gateway Pundit has a post this morning about the most recent increase in the unemployment rate.

I would add that my county has the lowest unemployment rate in my state, and prior to January 2009 had one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the nation (hovering around 2.8% at that time). Since January 2009 the unemployment rate here has doubled to 5.7%.

So if unemployment has doubled here, where we have a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, several Federal agencies (NIOSH, PHS, FETC - now called something else but it escapes me at present)), a Level I Trauma Center and a major medical center/teaching hospital/university, and within less than 30 minutes' commute the FBI Fingerprint Center, a NASA agency and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm not even aware of, other parts of the country must have it pretty bad, considering that the nationwide rate hasn't been below 10% in over a year.

Do something for someone. And pray for our country and its leaders.

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