Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Haven't Quit.....

I'm just really busy with work, and getting ready to go on Pilgrimage at the end of this week.  I have several wedding parties in here for Labor Day weekend, and those things have to be done by tomorrow so the clients can pick them up tomorrow evening or Thursday.  I have to make one more trip to the store for food and other supplies, then get ready to get packed up and go!  My friends and I call it "Byzantine Catholic Woodstock" - it's a really wonderful experience, and a perfect way to end the summer on a grace-filled note!

We'll also be starting our school year next week, so I'm doing some mental planning for that. I'll have to get in touch with the middle school where Birdman would go if we didn't homeschool, and get a copy of the West Virginia history textbook for him to use.  I hope to have him take the Golden Horseshoe test this year.  I also need to buy composition books; I know I purchased a whole box of them last year ago but I can't find them anywhere!  And erasers; we go through erasers like there's no tomorrow. (While some might think this is an indication that we make a lot of mistakes, I prefer to think of it as evidence that we are determined to get it right, no matter how many times we have to correct ourselves).  I also need to finish planning our fall field trips; we make a visit to the National Cemetery in Grafton on Veteran's Day (we pray for those buried there, and I usually put together a short program of patriotic readings).  A few other places I'd like to visit are Shanksville, PA (the crash site of Flight 93 on 9/11) and Johnstown, PA (as in the Johnstown Flood), and the Frank Lloyd Wright house "Fallingwater".

I've also been knitting; I've put aside the scarf for a while to try to finish my socks, and I need to knit a pair of baby socks for a darling little micro-preemie named Juliet, the niece of one of my online friends.

So have a lovely week, and a blessed and safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. Just peeking in to give a big THANK YOU! The way you ladies have adopted our little Juliet just warms my heart every time I think about it. Someday I'll have the chance to hold her in my arms, and tell her all about her cyber-aunties.

  2. And how is little miss Juliet doing??

    Byzantine Catholic Woodstock indeed...although the only thing you will be smelling is incense, & lots of it! ;o)