Saturday, March 26, 2011

I thought Spring had Sprung!

I really don't like it when the weather doesn't cooperate with my fashion decisions.  I have to go to a fund-raising dinner this evening, and had decided what to wear some time ago.  Now the day has arrived and it is freezing cold!  Argh!  My outfit is appropriate for the calendar and the event, but not the thermometer reading. The weather ticker on my browser says it's 25 degrees Fahrenheit right now, and the high is only forecast to be in the 40s.

So now I am forced to decide whether to wear my original choice of clothing, dashing to and from the car in an attempt not to get frostbite between there and the venue, OR wear something else just as appropriate but not what I originally chose.

I also realize that compared to what the people in Japan and the Middle East/Northern Africa are enduring, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  Perhaps I will wear my first choice and offer up my goose-pimples for those who have nothing to wear, appropriate or otherwise.


  1. Thus is March weather in WV...!

    Sounds like fun, what is the fund-raising for?

  2. It's the Reagan Day Dinner, hosted by the Mon County GOP Executive Committee. Congressman McKinley is the keynote speaker and the Republican candidates for Governor are also invited to attend and make a short speech.
    I did change my mind about my clothing, and am doing some emergency tailoring now. I can't be friendly and approachable if I'm freezing!