Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The next time I volunteer to plan something, refer me back to this post.

I am trying to plan a retreat.  I am fortunate to have Google Calendar with which to work out the schedule, because you can just click and drag things to change them.  I have clicked and dragged some of the things so many times it is unbelievable.

I think if a person is responsible for hosting/reserving/scheduling a retreat, that person (and that person ONLY) should have complete control over everything having to do with said retreat.

When you have one person nominally "in charge", but at least two other people planning in other locations, a mess is guaranteed to result.

I have, presently, a mess.

I have a feeling that several people are going to gripe and complain.  Several more people will not only gripe and complain, but they will do it behind my back while making sure that I either overhear or that someone else tells me about the griping and complaining.  Six months ago I was looking forward to this.  Now?  Not so much.

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