Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Saga of Socks, Sort Of

I received the yarn support for my sock pattern from Knit Picks.  They sent my first choice - Gloss!  It's wonderful yarn; a blend of wool and silk.  Great stitch definition, super comfortable to knit and wear, and the silk makes the yarn have a beautiful shimmer. The colorway is Scarlet; it's an intense red with just a hint of warmness, almost a tomato red.

I borrowed a swift and winder from a knitterly friend, wound up the hanks of yarn and cast on.  I'm well into the first pattern repeat on the leg, and I can't begin to tell you how it feels to have had a mental picture of how something ought to look, then to have the right yarn to make that a reality!

I'll be working exclusively on the sample socks until I've finished them.  I want to get the sample, photos, and finished pattern back to the nice folks at Knit Picks in plenty of time for.......

.......and for that you will have to wait until the pattern goes live, because there's a story there that I don't want to tell just yet!


  1. I love Gloss! I've only worked with it once, in laceweight. It's lovely yarn. Can't wait to see your socks on the site! :D

  2. I wish Gloss was available in more colors, because it's really my favorite yarn offered by Knit Picks. I keep having the urge to get some undyed Gloss and try dyeing it in semi-solid colors but I haven't done that yet. Someday! (And btw as soon as I've knit up these sample socks I will be casting on for another design!)