Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry, it's really over this time.

My cell phone provider, they of the frequently-dropped calls, missing voicemails, and extra charges for everything under the sun, has recently begin bombarding my email and snail-mail boxes with offers of free phones, splendiferous upgrades and all manner of lovely enticements.......

because my contract is up in 90 days.

But I'm switching carriers.  I hung on two years ago in the hopes that once they got the iPhone kinks worked out the service would improve.  Nope.

So this time I'm really leaving.  I'm tired of being in the middle of giving a client directions only to have the call drop.  I'm tired of messages showing up in my voicemail box hours or days later.  I'm tired of the generic computer-generated greeting that, if I want to personalize, would cost me an additional charge every month.  I'm tired of my obsolete phone, my rate plan that stinks like my son's dirty socks, and the fact that my carrier has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any carrier in the country.

Sometimes leaving is the smart thing to do.

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