Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just a Passing Thought......

Phone just rang, and on the other end was a person whose voice, once she asked her question (related to pricing of certain alterations on a bridesmaid dress), sounded a little familiar.  I gave her the same ballpark figures I give everyone (I can't quote over the phone, because obviously I can't see you in the garment from here).  After she hung up I checked the call log on my phone and yes, it was the same person.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because the first time she called, she scheduled a fitting appointment.

(The reason she called a second time is that my business had another name a few years ago, and depending on where you look for my number, you can come up with either name - but the phone number has been the same for 10 years.)

So, here's a tip:  if you need to check prices, call everyone you intend to ask for an estimate before you book an appointment. And be prepared to be told that the actual estimate, once you keep the appointment, is higher than what you were told over the phone; you may think one thing is the problem but the issue might really be something entirely different, and I charge according to what I have to do, not what the client tells me is needed.

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