Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Propeller, Huh? Well, You're an Emergency Beacon!

This post by Single Dad Laughing reminded me that my kids and I do play a lot of silly games!

When I was younger, my brother and I used to insult each other (like siblings have done since time immemorial, and probably will continue to do).  But we didn't call each other boring, mundane names like 'stupid head' or 'dumb bunny'.  No, my brother once called me a FUSELAGE, I retorted back by calling him a FLAP and thus began the game of "insult the other person by calling them the name of a part of an aircraft."

See all that neat stuff there?  All of it a potential insult.
At various times my kids and I have called each other:  rudder pedal, elevator, wing, nose cone, landing gear, bomb bay door, turret, ejection seat.......and now that Birdman is in Civil Air Patrol we know even more obscure aircraft parts like pitot tube (a little doohickey on the lower leading edge of a wing that takes in air, and somehow tells the airspeed indicator how fast the aircraft is flying).

There's another one (as if I think you need more examples of how truly WEIRD we are) - a few years ago they got tickled by the word 'cornucopia' and I happened to be having an allergy flare-up; every time I sneezed one of them would come back with "CORNUCOPIA" and they would all collapse with glee.  So now, in addition to saying Gesundheit or God Bless You, when someone in the family sneezes, either the sneezer or the first person to open his mouth shoots back "CORNUCOPIA!!!!!" and we all have a good laugh.

What else?  Well, Birdman LOVES Spoonerisms, so sometimes we go hor fowers, litching the first sweaters of words a'la The Capitol Steps' "Lirty Dies." Whip your flurds!

Then there's the tiara, but you'll have to wait a bit to find out about that........

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