Monday, April 18, 2011

Not-so Manic Monday!

We went for a walk around the neighborhood this evening.  I took some photos which I will upload tomorrow, mostly blooming flowers.  We have tulips at the back of the house, and yet another stray grape hyacinth has turned up next to the front steps.  If it doesn't rain too hard tomorrow maybe Velvet could be convinced to go out with the big spoon and move it into the flower bed where I have put the rest of them.

It was a really lovely afternoon and I wished I could be out in the sunshine and warm air, but I was hard at work on the current prom gowns - dresses for twin sisters.  After I finish the second dress tomorrow I have a few bridesmaid dresses, a sorority formal dress, and a few wedding gown repairs to do this week, along with an entire wedding party in pink and green!

Birdman tells me he is applying for a staff position at this year's CAP Encampment!

Lightning McQueen is FINALLY caught up on his poultry notebook for 4-H.

Velvet is getting to be quite the Draaaaaamaaaaaa Queen.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she was having a day where she'd be "complaining about being hung with a new rope" and that's about how dear Velvet has been acting these days.  Oy.

Oregano and Barbecue went outside in the yard this afternoon, and were thoroughly examined by Crockpot and Drumstick, but no pecking ensued. (They were safe in the dog crate anyway).  I'll have to take more photos of them in the next couple of days; they are getting to the stage where they are only cute if you (a) remember what they looked like before they got this many feathers, and (b) know that at some point they will be earning their keep as egg producers).

I'm about to chew my fingers to nubs waiting for my sock pattern to go live on Knit Picks.

And it's Great and Holy Week, so we have Church on Wednesday and Thursday evening, Friday morning and evening, Saturday night and Sunday morning (and then Bright Monday and Bright Tuesday services too). I will be praying for you, readers; please say a little prayer for me if you're so inclined.

How's your Spring going?

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