Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hide! Mom's Got the Camera Out Again!

I thought I'd share some random stuff, since my brain is rather fried from work today.  Some days it just flows, and others I have to seemingly fight for every stitch I sew.  Today was one of the latter.  I did get all the day's projects done though, and finished the patterned portion of the heel flap on my current sock (one of the patterns in Cookie A's Sock Innovation, I'm pretty sure it's "Devon").  I will be setting that aside shortly to knit a pair of Centennial socks for one of my Twitter followers; she gets a pair of handknit socks and I get some awesome barter in exchange, ho ho!

It is not possible to take a candid snapshot of any of my children.  They are like Vogue models, always posing.

Here's my mom holding Oregano after our Easter dinner.

Velvet and Barbecue.

Lightning McQueen explains everything. Whether it needed an explanation or not.

Finally, a little pop quiz.  What Muppet does this photo remind you of?


  1. Camilla and Gonzo???

    Oregano is thanking your mother for not making her the Easter dinner!!

  2. I didn't think of Camilla and Gonzo - I was thinking the Swedish Chef (der chickie in der baskie.....bork bork bork).