Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Which I Brag About My Socks, With Surprising Results

I was playing around on the computer on Friday, and I came across a twitter contest of sorts.  @IndyCar wanted regular (as in, not racing insiders) followers to tweet why they should be mentioned in the Tweep edition of "Follow Friday".  I replied that "I love IndyCar so much I designed a pair of socks to commemorate the Centennial", along with a link to this blog post, and whaddya know, I made the top 6 and got a mention and a #FF from @IndyCar!

As if that wasn't enough, I opened up my TweetDeck on Saturday and my eye fell on @chrisspangle's tweet about the current edition of his internet newspaper #IndyCar Times, and he linked to my blog post about the socks!

You seriously would have thought I'd won the lottery, the way I was jumping around and going all 'woohoo!' and  everything.

And the pattern isn't even for sale yet.  Hopefully some of the race fans who follow @IndyCar and @chrisspangle either knit socks, or know people who do. There have to be knitters who are IndyCar fans (and vice versa), because there's a yarn store that advertised in the 2010 program for the Indy 500!


  1. I think you need to knit him a pair of socks to send to him. :D

    And can they PLEASE hurry up and get your pattern up on KP!! Your fans await :P

  2. The KP people told me 3 weeks or less, and that was April 11, which means they should have it up by May 2 (conveniently just before the track opens in Indy for the Month of May). I'm just as impatient as you, trust me!